2020 Employee Awards

March 25, 2021  |  Employee Achievements

Whether you are working in the office or out in the field, each person brings a positive and unique contribution to Corbin Electric’s success. 2020 was a year of change and we are so proud of the perseverance that was consistent within our company. Nominated by their peers, these members of the PRIDE have been recognized and awarded for their outstanding contributions to the company’s overall success throughout the year. Thank you all for the continuous hard work and dedication to your roles.

John J. Corbin Extra Effort Award – Manuel Moralez, Superintendent

Passion Award – Kyle Burkhart, Programmer

Relationships Award – Emilio Sandoval, Safety Professional

Innovation Award – Christian Johnson, VDC Engineer

Development Award – Xiaxuan (Lilly) Gu, Project Engineer

Excellence Award – Michael Sappington, Director of Safety

Albuquerque Foreman of the Year – Eric Kucevic

Phoenix Foreman of the Year – Osiel Sarabia

Tucson Foreman of the Year – Frankie Ayon

Albuquerque Journeyman of the Year – JJ Villanueva

Phoenix Journeyman of the Year – Jeff Nelson

Tucson Journeyman of the Year – Julian Otero

Albuquerque Apprentice of the Year – Zachary McKinney

Phoenix Apprentice of the Year – Laura Varela

Tuscon Apprentice of the Year – Rex Stouffer