Nashley Pino: Women in Construction 2021

March 9, 2021  |  Employee Spotlights

Women in Construction Week is dedicated to highlight the women creating an influential mark on the construction industry. Corbins Electric is proud to have so many impactful women to represent our company. This week, March 7th to March 13th, we will be highlighting many women within our company in support of W.I.C. 2021.

Within the 4 short years Nashley has been a part of the team at our sister company NOX Innovations, she has been promoted multiple times from Lead to Manager and taken on many different roles within her scope of work. She started in the Sheet Set department and is currently the Virtual Design Construction Project Manager in charge of BIM electrical design projects. She says, “Everything has happened so fast, and I am just grateful for the opportunity. I’ve learned so much, and when we talk about our core value of Development, it’s shown.”  Some people are just drawn to the industry, and Nashley is one of them. She says, “It’s fascinating how things are put together. It’s such a rewarding experience when you get to go see a finished project that you have designed and worked really hard for, come full-circle. I went to school for Interior Architecture, and my dad has been involved with construction and engineering. It’s what I like, and I knew this is what I wanted to do.”  Her encouragement for all is to “follow your dreams and take the chance on what you’re passionate about, even if it’s not the norm.”

We are inspired by your fearless pursuit of your career, Nashley, and proud of all you have accomplished thus far!  Thank you Nashley for your continued dedication to developing yourself and your team along the way, we are so proud to have Nashley as a member of the PRIDE!