Referral Bonus Program

At Corbins Electric, we believe our people are first. As we continue to grow, we must ensure we attract the right talent who understand our culture and commitment to driving results. We have found that the best way for us to find great employees is by our current workforce referring potential candidates. In order to help us hire qualified team members, we are offering the following bonuses to our employees for referring applicants that meet the guidelines.

Referral Bonus Levels

Field Entry Level
less than 2 years of experience
$250 Experienced Electrical Worker
2+ years of experience
Journeyman $1,000 Professional Staff $1,000
Foreman $2,000 Superintendent $3,000
Project Manager $3,000


  1. Applicants must state the full name of the current Corbins Electric employee who they were referred by on their online application.
  2. Employees referring applicants should contact Human Resources ( to report who they referred.
  3. No bonus will be paid for those applicants that stop by our job sites and are then sent to the main office.
  4. No bonus for former employees.
  5. Supervisors are not eligible for referring direct report employees.
  6. Any Corbins Electric employee involved with the recruitment, rating, or selection of a candidate is not eligible for the incentive.
  7. Bonus will be paid after the applicant completes 180 days of employment.
  8. At the time of payment, the employee who referred the applicant must be actively employed and may not be under any disciplinary action.


Contact Human Resources